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We all are leaving in world full of digital authentication & SMS is still leading the game. OTP SMS has become part of our daily life & there are many such SMSes which are perishable like Bank OTP, Tax Filing OTP, Alert messages like temperature/humidity etc. It’s important to automatically forward such SMSes to the concerned persons to take actions.

How It Works

You create rules and our app checks each incoming SMS, if the rule matches the SMS will be forwarded to defined recipient/recipients. Though we have kept limitation of 5 rules & only 1 contact in forwarding in FREE app, but soon we will be launching paid app for very low and reasonable price against the ease it is providing.

Mobile Number/Sender ID and Multiple SIM based rules with conditional message texts can be configured to define rules in the mobile application. Once defined, app works in background keeping a check on each incoming message and acting in accordance with the rules defined by the user for forwarding. NO INTERNET BANDWIDTH IS REQUIRED like 2G/3G/LTE/Wi-Fi, etc.

What more to have with a detailed history of each forwarded message. So, SMS Auto forwarding App is FREE for 5 rules & forwarding SMS if rule matches to only one contact. BUT all that without frustrating Advertisements.

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